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WhatsApp Introduce New Voice Note in 2022| WhatsApp Voice Note Feature 2022


Meta Owned Global Messaging Platform WhatsApp has Announced a New Voice Note Player Feature in the WhatsApp. However, This New Voice Note Feature is Available to Only Beta Users of WhatsApp. After Complete Testing, WhatsApp Will Soon Rolled out this amazing WhatsApp Voice Note Feature All over the World.

This New Feature Will Enable the Customer to Listen a Particular Voice Note in the Background While Chatting with Other People .This will Definitely Improve the Productivity.

It is Reported that this New Feature is Only Work when Voice Messages are Forwarded According to one of the Beta User. Hopefully, WhatsApp will Fix this Error Before Rolling Out This Feature Worldwide.

What is New is WhatsApp Voice Note Feature:-

  • Change in Color:- It is Reported that Color of the Voice Which is Yellow Now. This Color Will be Changed whenever users forward a note or a sound clip.
  • Different Icons:- From Onwards, WhatsApp Will Introduce Different Icons For the forwarded voice notes and audio files. So , It is Easy For user to distinguish between forwarded voice notes and audio files.
  • Voice waveforms: It is Also Reported that the From Now, WhatsApp Include a  voice waveforms in Voice Note When Forwarded Voice Message are Being Played. But This Feature Only Work, If Message Using the version of WhatsApp where the feature is enabled.
  • Playback speed: As We All Know that WhatsApp has Recently Introduced A Playback Speed Option in Voice Message Which Enable to Listen a Voice Message at Your Desired Speed. In Recent changes, WhatsApp forwarded voice notes will also have this feature, but it wouldn’t be available for audio files.

Hopefully, WhatsApp Will Soon Launched All these Features Mention Above For All of its IOS and Android Users Soon in the Upcoming Days.

Disclaimers:- All The Information Provided On the Different News Source We Get. There is No importance of Above Till Official Announcement.

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