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Social Media Regulation in Pakistan 2022| All Set to Regulate Social Media In Pakistan


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA is Going to Regulate the Social Media Such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and WhatsApp in Pakistan to amend the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA), 2016..

Irrespective of the  criticism from stakeholders and digital rights activists, PTA and Government is Going to Form Law , Rules and Regulations .A rule has Included in the New Social Media Act Draft that Insulating Any Person on the Social Media is Punishable with with jail term being increased from two to five years.

Rule/Amendment Send to Federal Cabinet For Approval

The Drafts Included two Important Law Regulation

  • the Amendment in the Election Commission of Pakistan Acts 2017 that Will Allow the Member of the Parliament to Take Part in Election Campaigns.
  • 2nd Law is the If any one Insult Anyone on Social media , he Will be Fined or given Punishment.

Amendment in ECP Code OF Conduct:-

On 7th February 2022, The Election Commission of Pakistan had Disqualified Umar Amin Gandapur, From Running local body election. Umar Amin had been Disqualified For Violating the Code of Conduct By ECP For Conducting the Local Government Elections in the Provinces.

However, The Islamabad High court has Suspended the ECP’s Order For Disqualifying Umar Amin and Allow him to PARTICIPATE IN the Local Government Elections.

The ECP Has Advised Federal Minister Amin to Not Attend any Political Meeting Regarding the Local Government Elections Till End of the polls.

The Election Commission Had Also Fined JUI-F Member of Rs 40,000 for violating the code of conduct for the elections as he addressed a press conference in favor of his party’s candidate for Dera Ismail Khan city council.

The IT Minister has Said that these About the Two Bills Regarding election commission’s code of conduct and social media Regulations.

“Two key laws have been sent to the federal cabinet for approval. The first is to allow parliamentarians to participate in election campaigns, while the other is to make it a punishable offence to insult people on social media,”

Forming Social Media Law in the Pakistan:-

PTI Government is Going to A Law For Social Media User that IF any One Insults any Person On the Social Media, He will be Given Punishment According to the Rules of Pakistan

The Development Come into Place After a Social Media Campaign Targeting the premier and First Lady Bushra Bibi. PM imran Call this as “pathetic and intolerable”.

“Unchecked media freedom is devastating and such smear campaigns targeting personal lives should be discouraged,”

PM Imran Khan

The PM Imran Also Referred to a Report Published in the English Weekly which indirectly Stated the Separation Between PM Imran and First Lady. And Now the First Lady Bushra is Living with a Friend in the Lahore.

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry has Said that

“Insulting the dignity of another person on social media will be made a punishable offence and the courts will be bound to decide the cases within a period of six months,”

Reaction of Social Media Companies About Social MEdia Regulations:-

Social Media And Technology has Threatened the Government that These rules are Very Strict and it will be Tough For Them to Continue their Services in the Pakistan. if Government did Not Shows Any Relaxations, they will Discontinued their Services.

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