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Covid-19 Shows A Hike in Death Rate After a Decline in Pakistan


Islamabad: It is Reported that The Death Rate in Pakistan due to Covid-19 is Increasing day by day After Few Days of Decline in Covid-19 Cases.

As Per the Official Website of National Command and Operation Centre’s (NCOC), Data Shows that More than 43 People are Suffering fromCovid-19 on the Wednesday Morning.

It is To Remembered that the Daily Death of Covid-19 Patient is Remained Below the 40 Marks For the last five days. As Per Today Covid-19 Cases Showed on the NCOC Website , total number of coronavirus deaths reported so far at 30,096 in the Pakistan.

Current Covid-19 Cases in Pakistan:-

As per the Official Monitoring the Covid-19 Cases in Pakistan, they Said that They Conducted

  • 41,744 diagnostic tests in the last 24 hours
  •  1,232 came back positive. Which Shows a Postivity Ratio of 2.95% in Pakistan
  • and the overall case count to 1,503,873
  • 3154 People Got Covid Postive OverNight.
  • So Total Active Number of the Cases are Arose to the 64,262.

( All these Data is Reported by the GEO TV on its Official Website.)

Covid Restriction are Removed From Three Major Cities:-

The NCOC Committee decided to Relax Some Portion Of Countries For Covid-19 Cases Where They See A decreasing trend of coronavirus countrywide.

The NCOC Committee Agreed to remove Karachi, Hyderabad and Peshawar from the list of cities/districts where it earlier had decided to keep restrictions in place.

The Committee has to implement Strict Covid-19 Precautions in Six Cities/Districts which Shows More than 10% Positivity in Cases. These Include Gilgit, Muzaffarabad and Mardan. 

Conflict in The Number of Covid-19 Cases in KPK Area:-

According to the DawnNews, there is a Huge Difference in the No of Tests Conducted by the health department and Provincial Disaster Management Authority Followed by Strike of Health Worker.

PDMA Runs A Projects To Collect Sample For Covid-19 With the Collaboration of the Private IT Firm Sybird. These Samples Are Then Forwarded to Health Department For the Testing and Preparing Covid-19 Reports.

  • On Tuesday, Health Department Claimed that 6,013 tests were conducted. While As Per Field Worker, They Only Conduct 101 Tests During the Same Period.
  • Next Day, The Health Said that 5095 Samples are Tested in the Lab While Field Worker Said that They Only 306 Samples From the People.

Health Department Official has Talked to the Dawn News that:-

“The strike has affected our sample collections and contact-tracing of positive people but we still manage to conduct 6,000 tests which also include swabs taken from people at sentinel sites through staff of the hospitals,”

KPK Health Department Officers

Provincial Doctors Association Released a Statement After Claim of KPK health Department that They are Surprised that How Health Department Prepared 6000+ Reports While Field Worker Collect Only a Few Hundred Samples.

Such a Huge Difference Raised the Concerns About Public Health and Health Department that How they are Doing their Work.

RRT Members Said that They Use their Own Resources Like bike and Other Vehicles in order to Collect Sample .But they are Not Paid Salary .So they Left with only Option to go on a Strike in order to get their Rights.

Meanwhile KPK health Reported the 6210 Cases With 13 Death in Peshawar, 2 Death in Kohat and 1 Death in the District Mardan.

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