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Top 11+ Upcoming WhatsApp New Feature 2022|WhatsApp Feature List 2022


In This Post , We are Going to Share the Amazing Upcoming WhatsApp New Feature 2022 That Will be Launched Soon All over the World. Some of These Features are in Beta Testing Phase while Some Features are in Queue For Testing Purpose.

We Will Share All Upcoming Features in WhatsApp With you Guys Here. These New WhatsApp Feature Will Enhance the Overall User Experience and Will Also Introduce Some Uses of WhatsApp.

Upcoming WhatsApp New Feature 2022 List

Below is Given the List of 10 New WhatsApp Feature That will be Launched Soon by Meta Company in Series Soon.

  • Showing Profile Photo in Notification 🔔 Bars
  • WhatsApp Voice Feature 2022
  • Hide “Last Seen” From Particular Person
  • No Time Limit For Deleting Sent Messages
  • Reaction on Message Like Other Social Media
  • WhatsApp Logout
  • Watching Instagram Reels on WhatsApp
  • Creating Own Sticker
  • Insurance
  • Read Later
  • WhatsApp Community Features

Showing Profile Photo in Notification 🔔 Bars

WhatsApp, World No 01 Messaging Has Announced That Soon They will Launch an WhatsApp Feature Which Will Show a Profile Photo in Notification Bars When You Receive a New Message From Any WhatsApp Groups or Users.

WhatsApp Voice Feature 2022

WhatsApp has Officially Announced that they will Launch a New Feature in 2022 Known as “WhatsApp Voice Feature 2022” that will Enable User to Play a Voice Note while Browsing and Chatting with People in other Chats.

This Feature is Still Under Development mode and Will be Available Soon. But WhatsApp has not yet Announced any Release Date About this Feature.

Hide “Last Seen” From Particular Person

WhatsApp is Also Planned to Launch a New Amazing Feature That is needed by Most of User Relating to their Privacy. Now These People Will be Able to Hide “Their Seen” From a Particular Person they Want.

WhatsApp has Already this Feature that Allow you to ” hide Their Seen”. But The Problem is That No One can See their Online Status and Last Seen After Applying this Setting.

But in this Upcoming “Hide Last Seen From Particular Person” Feature, You can Hide Last Seen From Certain Group of People You want.

This Feature is Available in the Beta Version of WhatsApp and Will be Launch for All Users.

No Time Limit For Deleting Sent Messages

Currently, WhatsApp Allow Users to Delete a Message For Everyone upto 4,096 seconds (68 minutes and 16 seconds) after it was sent.

A news Has Come that WhatsApp Will Launch a Feature in which users will be able to delete their sent messages from any time in the past. It is to Noted that This Feature is Already Available in Telegram.

WhatsApp has Announced no Dead Line to launch this Feature.

WhatsApp-Extended-Delete-Window Upcoming WhatsApp New Feature 2022

Message Reaction Like Other Social Media

Meta -Owned is Planned to Launch Message Reaction Feature in WhatsApp Just Like Other Social Media like Instagram and Facebook.

Message Reaction Will Allow users to react to a message using a total of six emojis. Users Can use this Feature in Individual Chat as Well in Group Chat.

Users Will get Option to enable/ disbale the notifications for message reaction from the ‘Reaction Notifications’ option in the Whatsapp Setting.

WhatsApp Logout Instead of Deleting Account

According to WAbetainfo, WhatsApp New Feature “Logout” instead of Delete Account Button is in Beta Testing Phase. This Feature Will be Launched Soon For iOS and Android versions of the app.

Like Facebook and Meta, WhatsApp User will be Able to Use WhatsApp in multiple Devices at a time and will be Able to Logout From all Devices.

Read Later in WhatsApp

Read Later Feature is Latest Version of Archived Chats feature on WhatsApp. WhatsApp will not Send Notification, if A Chat is moved to Read Later.

In Read later Section,Users will use an edit button to customise settings. WhatsApp users will also be able to unarchive multiple chats at once.

Watching Instagram Reels on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is Planned to integrate Instagram Reel Section in WhatsApp. Using This feature, User will be Able to Watch Instagram Reel Right from their WhatsApp Account.

What is Instagram Reels ?

People Who are Unaware of Instagram Reel, it is the short video feature available on Instagram

Creating Own Sticker in Whatsapp

This Feature is Reported by a Beta Tester User  Mukul Sharma.WhatsApp will launch a Feature to create Your own Funny sticker From your own Photo inside the App.

WhatsApp Insurance

In India, You Will be able to Buy Health Insurance and Micro Pension Products using WhatsApp. WhatsApp will sell SBI General sachet-health insurance cover and HDFC Pension schemes via its platform. This Feature is only Available Inside the India.

WhatsApp Community Features

WhatsApp is Going to Launch an Amazing Feature Called WhatsApp Community Features Which to Simillar to Discord Group and Channel.

WhatsApp Community Feature 2022
Whatsapp Community Features 2022 image by WABetaInfo

Using this Feature, Admins Will be able to Create 10 groups inside a Community and Admin Can Send Message at once in all groups. This Feature will be available Soon in Near Future.

Edit receipts while sharing media

In this New WhatsApp Feature, users will be Able to select new recipients before sharing their media.

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