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Realme Setup its Assembly unit in Pakistan With 16 Million $ Investment


Realme, A Emerging Brand in the Mobile Market is Ready to Setup its Assembly Plant in Lahore in order to reduce the cost of production. Realme Take This Step in Order to Deliver High Quality Mobile to its Users In Affordable Prices. This Step Wil Definite Gave Realme Brand an Edge Over other Manufacturers in Delivering Affordable Mobile to its users and Would Increase its Users.

According to the Realme, By Setting up their assembling unit in Pakistan, the cost of realme smartphones has reduced by 40 percent. And they Will be Able to Deliver Less Price Mobile to its End Users. This Will also Create Job Opportunities For Young Engineers and Mobile Technician in Pakistan.

Realme has Gained Popularity Among Pakistani Smartphone Users Since its Entry into Pakistani Mobile Market two Years. Users Love to Buy Realme Mobiles For Their Specifications and Affordable prices.

Realme has Build its Assembly Plants with an investment of $16 million in Lahore last year. The Daily Production of Realme Plant Lahore is 2,500-4,000 units depending on market demand as well as the type of smartphone. At the Assembly Unit , Realme is Planned to Make Smartphone Range From Low Price to Premium One as Per the Demand of the Users.

Realme Headquarters has Issued Strict guidelines Regarding the Mobile Manufacturing Process and Management Operations at the plants. Realme Workers Follow the Guideline Issued by Realme Headquarters During the all processes and operations of Mobile Manufacturing.

Realme Hire Local Workers From the Lahore and Surrounding Area to Carry Out its Operations at Lahore Assembly Plant. These Local Workers are Trained by the Chinese engineers and technicians to Perform Different Operation as Per Company Guidelines.

The Realme Assembly Unit Working on the Motto, “made in Pakistan, for Pakistan.” The assembly plant has created around 800-1,000 jobs for the local economy which includes technicians, engineers, and other personnel.

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