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Government Start Pakistan ‘ First Ever Digital Population Census : Asad Umar


Islamabad:- On Tuesday, Asad Umar Pakistani Federal Minister of Planning During the inauguration of the National Census Coordination Center (N3C) has Told the Media About Pakistan ‘ First Ever Digital Population Census

Asad Umar Told the Media Pakistan’ Seventh and First Ever Digital Population Census Will be Started in the Month of May/ June 2022 For the risk management and disaster recovery. Census Will be Completed in the August 2022 Within 30 Day Period On the Basis of Principal “as is, where is”. He Further said that there is No Need of computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs).

Federal Minister of Planning Ensured that IT Ministry and National Telecommunications Center Will Protect the Data From Hackers. Government Will use geo-fencing and GIS mapping in order to Monitor the Whole Process of Digital Census 2022.

As The Asad Umar Said that People Will be counted based on where they have lived in the last six months. A Media Reporter Ask Him That How Government Will Tackle with Problems Arise Due to interprovincial movements, particularly in Karachi. Asad Umar Replied him That They will Counted the People On the Basis of their existing location in the last six months.

“No curfew will be imposed in the country on the occasion of holding the next census exercise,” 

Asad Umar

Amount Required For the Pakistan ‘ First Digital Population Census

While briefing the Media About the Fund Needed to Conduct the Digital Census 2022 of the Pakistan, Asad Umar Told that

  • Rs5 billion had been allocated for the census during the current year’s budget
  • And Remaining Amount Required Will be Provided in Next fiscal Year.
  • Rs10 billion would be spent on the procurement of software and hardware for conducting the digital census.

federal Minister Umar While Talking About the Foundational Process, Basic Pillar For Future Planning and development, was not given due importance in the past has Said :-

“The main fieldwork will be conducted from September to December, while post-sample enumeration will be conducted in November. In today’s era of modern technology, it was vital to hold the census more often as compared to the past when the census used to be held with a huge gap of 15 to 18 years.”

The Minster Said that Federal Government is Also Coordinating with Provincial Government For the Successful Conducting of the Census. Asad further Said that it is a constitutional requirement to Conduct elections on the basis of the latest Data Collected During the population and housing census. 

Federal Minister Asad Umar Advised the Chief Census to Frequently Meet with the parliamentarians and the media and rectify complaints in case of any genuine concerns.

RoadMap For the Pakistan’ Digital Census 2022:-

Dr Naeem Zafar, Chief Statistician PBS had Briefed the Media About Their Complete Roadmap For a Successful Digital Census 2022.

  • Deputy chairman Planning Commission, Provincial and Regional representatives and law enforcement agencies will Monitor the National Census Coordination Centre (N3C) .
  • 614 Census Support Centres  Will Be Established Across All the Tehsils in the Pakistan For Smooth Work to Avoid Any Complications in the Work.
  • These Centre Will ensure the 24/7 availability of system, the end-user and field enumerator support.
  • Online Monitoring Dashboard Provided at Every Centre Will Acts Control Room and Complaint Office.
  • The number of census blocs has increased from 168,000 in 2017 to 180,000 for holding the upcoming population census,
  • They will Appointed you the Whole Staffs and Officers in the Month of March.
  • Training of Staff For Field Work will be Done From 15th April to 30 April 2022.
  • The Pilot census (2,000 blocks approximately) would be held from May 15 to June 15, 2022.
  • Enumeration work (first step-self enumeration) will be completed from July 15 to 30.
  • Operation of House Listing in First Phase Will Be Done From 1st-3rd August 2022.
  • Second Phase of House Listing will be Conducted From the 16th-18th August 2022.
  • Face to Face Interview in First Block Will Be Done From 4th-5th August 2022.
  • Second Round of Face-Face Interview Will Be Held From 19th to 31st August.
  • The Process of Data Processing and Finalizing Summary Result Will be Done in the Month of September and October 2022.
  • The post enumeration survey will be held in November 2022.
  • All the Data Collected and Summary Results Will be Provided to to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on December 31st, 2022 by the Pakistan Board of Statistics PBS.
  • The data cleansing, imputation rules and detailed results will be announced from January to February 2023.

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