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Facebook Monetization in Pakistan 2022| Facebook Video Monetization Eligibility Criteria

Facebook, One of the Largest Social Media Platform, Offer Different Way To Monetize Your Content On Facebook and Earn With Your Passion.

Facebook Shows Your Audience  Interest Based in-stream ads or instant article ads in Your Content. Facebook Get Money From Advertisers to Run the Ads on Your Content and share a PERCENTAGE OF total Earnings with the Creators.

Facebook Monetization Offers the Creators Worldwide To Earn Money From their Created content and many consider it as a full-time job. 

But Unfortunately , Pakistan is Not in the List of Facebook Monetization Eligible Countries Lists. Creators From Pakistan are Eligible to Monetize Their Content on the Facebook.

 Is that about to change? Yes. 

IT Ministry is Struggling to Enable Facebook Monetization in Pakistan. On the Request of ministry of Information Technology Pakistan, Facebook is Agree to Include Pakistan in the Eligible Countries after Testing. It Ministry has Launch a Test Program in Which Few of Creator Will Get Monetization Alerts in their Creator Studio.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is A Social Media Platform, that Enable its User to Interact With Other People by Sharing Their Thoughts, Photos , Video etc.

Users on the Facebook will send “friend requests” to people who will – or maybe don’t know.

What is Facebook Monetization?

Facebook Monetization is Program in which Facebook Creator Monetize Their Content on Fb and Earn Dollars From it. Facebook Share a Certain Percentage of the Ads Revenue with the Eligible Creators.

Initiative to Monetize Facebook in Pakistan

 MPA Ziaullah Bangash from Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has A Presented a Resolution in National Assembly that urged Government to Form Complete Framework. Pakistani government has Set a Pilot Project in order to  test the possible outcomes of Facebook Monetization in Pakistan.  

PTI Government has Also Interact with the Facebook Team in order to Build the Whole Frame Work.

MPA Said to the Media that National Assembly Speaker has Discussed with FB team to arrange a Meeting. Sarim Aziz, Facebook’s head of Public Policy in South Asia Will Conduct with Government Officials to Discuss Whole Mechanism.

Expectation From Pilot Program

Hopefully, Facebook Will Enable the Facebook video monetization in Pakistan one the Pilot Program is Successful Completed.

It Will Helps Millions of Pakistani To Earn Their Bread Online From Your Home. This Will also Boost the Economy of the Pakistan and Will Increase the Trend of Online Work in the Pakistan.

Rules/ Eligibility Criteria for FB Monetization in Pakistan

In order to be Eligible for Monetization, you have to have a full-page and follow all or any of the rules to monetize its contents.

  • Your Page Must Fulfil all the Facebook Monetization Policies.
  • You Must be Resident of the Eligible Country List in the Facebook Eligibility Countries. Note: this requirement may are off from some pages within the last month.
  • You Must Publish Content on the Business Page that have at least 10,000 Fans.
  • You have to Fulfill the Following Milestones in the Required Periods.
    • 15,000 engagements;
    • 180,000 minutes viewed across all of your videos;
    • or 30,000 1-minute views on 3-minute+ videos.
  • You must be a minimum of 18 years old.

Best Ways to Earn From Non-Monetize Facebook Page

There are a lot of ways to earn From Facebook Page even it is not Monetized .Some of these Ways are Listed Below:-

  • Optimize Website For In-Page Articles.
  • Sell Digital Content 
  • Do Affiliate marketing on Facebook Page
  • Sell Products through a Facebook App Store.
  • Sell Products through a Website.
  • Promote Your Product on Facebook
  • Promote Different Event and People on your Facebook Page
  • Help Other in Growing their Pages as a Services
  • Sell The Product From Other Companies


Facebook Offer different ways to Earn Money From Your Content in Pakistan. Facebook’s revenue sharing with makers is the same as YouTube’s: 55% of advertising revenue goes to makers and 45% to Facebook.

In order to Earn From Facebook, You will Need at least a Business with more than 10,000 Fans.

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