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Relief Measures Announced by PM Imran | Question On the PM’s Relief Measures “Goodbye IMF, Hello Elections” ??


On Monday, While Addressing to the Nation , PTI Leader and PM Imran Khan Has announced the Relief Programs Policies in Order to Provide Relief to the People.

While Addressing the People, Pm Imran Khan Has Said that PTI Will Not the Increase the Prices of the petrol, diesel, and electricity Till Next Budget which will Announced in the June 2022.

Prime Minister has Said in his Speech to Pakistani that Government will Provide Relieft to the People by Reducing the Prices of petrol and electricity by Rs10 and Rs5 Respectively. Government Also Provide Relief in Several Other Necessary things to the People.

Important Relief Announcement 📢 By PM Imran

  • Government will Not Increase the Prices of the Necessary Commodities Till the Next Budget Announcement .
  • Petrol and Diesel Prices Will be Reduced by the Rs 10 Per Liters
  • Electricity Prices Will be Reduced by the Rs 5 Per Unit.
  • Government is Also Building 10 More Dams that Will Control the Price Fluctuation in Electric Prices in Upcoming Years.
  • Cash Amount For Ehsaas programme has been Increased from Rs12,000 to Rs14,000 in order to Help Poor Person.
  • Rs 30,000 Will be Stipends Will be Provided to the Jobless Interns.
  • There Will be No Tax For the IT Sectors and Freelancers.
  • IT startups will no longer have to pay capital gains tax.
  • No Questions Will be Asked From Investors in the Industrial Zone For their investment. Further Detail Will be Shared Soon.
  • Five Years Tax Exemption Will be Given to the Overseas Pakistani Upon Their Investments in the Pakistan.

Criticizing of Journalists on PM Imran Relief Program

However Experts,  economists, journalists and opposition leaders has Called its A Trick in order to Get People Support in the Upcoming General elections 2022-2022.They have questioned the rationale and motivation behind the move.

Many Economic Experts and Analysts, Journalists have Said that These relief Measures Announced by the PTI Government will Go  against the commitment made with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). According to the Agreement Signed with IMF, Government had been Increasing Petrol Prices in the Recent Weeks.

On the Twitter, While Criticizing the PTI Government For Their Recent Announcement, Director Uzair Younas at Pakistan Initiative at Atlantic Council’s South Asia Centre has Said to the Media that:-

“The decision to cut petrol, diesel, and electricity prices comes on the eve of an IMF review,Wonder what those conversations will be like, given that the announcements are in complete conflict with what was agreed to with the IMF.”

On Twitter, Director Younas Explained his Words in Series of the Tweets. He Said that People Will have to Pay Later For the Recent  subsidies announced by the government. PTI Said that they Will Reduce the petrol and electricity prices.

Younas Called this Step Taken by PTI Government as  “given through borrowing, for which citizens will eventually pay”, in addition to paying the price for “interest and currency depreciation”.

Younus Called the “going full-on populist election mode!” in Response to the Recent Subside Announced by the PTI Government and PM Imran Khan.

Khurram Husain, an Expert Business journalist Supports the Point View of Younus by the Tweeting “Goodbye IMF! Hello elections!”

Business journalist Khurram Futher Said that it is “bad time to invoke the IMF’s validation of his (PM Imran’s) policies!”

Zarra Khusro , a journalist has Also Called these Announcements as an “election year move” that was “popular” but “unsustainable”.

Reactions of Opposition to the PM Relief Steps:-

Information Secretary of PML_N, Marriyum Aurangzeb has Called these Relief Measures as the “futile effort” by PM Imran to save his government.

PML-N Leader Marriyum Aurangzeb has Said that

  • Power Tariff has been Increased by Rs 15 During the PTI Government.
  • PTI Government Steps to Reduces The Petrol Means Meaningless as They Have Increased Petrol Prices From the Rs 70 in the PML-N Goverment.

“This reduction is not because they realise the pain and troubles of people but because of the growing fear of a no-confidence motion against them,”

Marriyum Aurangzeb

Another Leader From PML-N Miftah Ismail Criticize the Relief Steps Announced by the PTI by Saying that PTI never has [the] money to give relief to the people. But to save Imran Khan’s job it finds a way!

Miftah Ismal has Also Questioned that

 “Did economics change in the last few days or has politics?”

While the PPP Leader and Current Administrator of the Karachi Murtaza Wahab said that Government Reduce the Prices as the results that Opposition has Announced the Long March Against PTI Government.

While Giving Interview to Geo News, PPP Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar has Told the Media that:-

“You know why is this being done as you see the opposition is already marching toward Islamabad,” 

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