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Pm Imran Launch Ehsaas Petrol Card for bikers 2022


During The Meeting of Federal Cabinet Held in Islamabad, PM Imran Khan has Planned to Launch Eshaas Petrol Card for providing petrol at a subsidised rate to motorcyclists and Middle Class Family all over the Pakistan.

This Decision was Taken by PTI Government when the petrol Prices is Increasing day by Day to Reach All Time High of 147.38Rs Per Liter. It is Very to Difficult For Middle Class to Purchase the Petrol During the rising Inflation.

Since 2014, Petrol Price Reached its Peak Value in International Market, The Government Left with No Choice But  to notify another hike in the prices of petroleum products on 1 February. So Government is Planned to Launched the Ehsaas Petrol Cards for motorcyclists.

Expected Date For Launching Ehsaas Petrol Cards

The Prime Minister Imran and PTI Government has Just Discussed to Launch Ehsaas Petrol Cards for motorcyclists. But Is not Confirm that When Government will Launch Ehsaas Petrol Cards for motorcyclists to Provide Petrol at Subsidize Rate.

The Federal Cabinet also Discussed to Provide subsidized fuel to motorcycles, rickshaws, and public transport vehicles’ owners, but, the proposal never saw the light of the day.

How To Apply For Ehsaas Petrol Cards 2022

Till Now, It is Only Discussed to Provide Ehsaas Petrol Cards for motorcyclists. But Still Now, No Framework Regarding the Proper Launching of Ehsaas Petrol Cards System For Middle Class Family.

Main Point Discussed During Meeting:-

A Participants of Meeting Told the Media that Mainly 3 Points are Discussed, Including the Launch of Ehsaas Petrol Cards To Support Middle Class by Providing Petrol at Subsidized Rate.Other Importants Things Which are Discussed During the Meeting are uel subsidies, tax breaks, income/minimum wage increases, internships (for the educated unemployed).

Especially in Energy Sector , Econmic Reforms are Formed to build momentum with 5. 6 percent, up 15 percent. Exports, more than a 10 percent increase in remittances, and record tax collection by Removing Corruption and Interference of Political Personal.

MEAG Memebers Are Satisfied with the progress of the economy.Federal Minister of Finance Give Briefing About Progress Of of the Kamyab program in Pakistan to PM Imran Khan and Other Cabinet Member.

Finance Minister Told the PM Imran that The Progress of Receiving Loan Application and Processing Loan is Making Fast day after Day.After Complete Investigation, Loan Amounts are Issued to the Well Deserving Candidates to Rin their Own Business and Creating Jobs For Others.

Founder of the Akhwat Foundation Dr. Amjad Saqib, Told in the Meeting that Some Trget People in Remote Area has to Face A lot of Difficulties or have no  way For accessing information about the benefits of the Kamyab Pakistan Program.

Upon this , Finance Minister Strictly Advised the Authority to Look After the Problems Faced by People of Remote Area and Solve them as Soon as Possible. He also Stressed to Make Sure that Information is Easily Accessible by All the General People in remote Area

Increasing the Salary of Public Servant:-

Government is Planned to Increase the Salary of Public Servant in the Fiscal Year 2022-23 Budget. Despite of PIDE Report, No Statement were Made Regarding the monetizing of bureaucratic perks and privileges. In the Report of Pakistan Institute for Development Economics (PIDE), it is Clearly Stated that Senior Official in Pakistan are Getting More Salaries and Other benefits than United Nations staff.

In Recent Statement , PM Imran Said that Only Market wages will be Provided to Seniors Official only to raise the question of why perks and privileges in luxury homes, cars, gasoline, and many other benefits were abolished and became part of the wages.

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