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Pervaiz Elahi  Will be the Next Punjab CM : Opposition Agreed


During a Meeting held Between the Senior Leader From PML-N , PPP with the PML-Q Leadership in Order to their Support During the ‘No-Confidence Movement Against Imran Khan and PTI Government”.

During the Meeting In Islamabad, PML-N and PPP Leadership is Agreed to give the Punjab Chief Minister Seat to the Pervaiz Elahi of the Pakistan Muslim League Quaid.

According to the Source by the Opposition Leaders, They Will Officially Nominated The Choudhary Pervaiz Elahi as the New Punjab CM in the Upcoming Election 2023 in the Next 24 Hours.

Opposition Leaders Also Told the Media that they have PML-Q Leadership, which the  key ally of the PM Imran Khan-led government about the development by a senior leader of PPP.

On Saturday, Pakistan Muslim League Quaid had Conducted a Meeting with its Member to Address the Current Political Situation in the Punjab and To Decide their Next Movement Keeping in view interest of their People.

During the Meeting, Some PML-Q Leaders Told that they are not Happy with the Performance of the Imran Khan and Federal Government in the Recent Period.It is Revealed that PML-Q Will Make its Own Decision Shortly After Oberving all the Situation in the Pakistan.

Senior Leadership has Also Decided that PML-Q leader Pervez Elahi Would Discussion with other government allies and take them in Confident. Also the PML-Q Will make their Future Decisions in collaboration with them.

Attendees of the Meeting has Said that PML-Q Will make its Political Decisions as Early as Possible to Decide their Future Movement. They also Hoped that it was not too late to take sides before they were left with nowhere to stand.

According to sources, Chaudhry Shujaat was also unsatisfied with the federal government’s performance.

PML-Q leader Pervez Elahi has Said that

“We will make decisions taking into consideration the national interest and political future,”

Choudhary Brother has Also Told the Media After Meeting that other participants of the meeting expressed their concerns over the non-fulfillment of promises in Punjab. And they are Not Happy with the PTI Government.

It is Also Revealed From the Source that All Government will Decide their Political Future with in few Days. They are likely to make a big announcement at a joint press conference in the next two to three days.

On the other Side, PTI Government has Said that their Allied Parties are Still With the PM Imran Khan and PTI Government They are Satisfied with the PTI Government’s Performance. They have Full Confidence on the Imran Khan.

Hopefully, All Facts will be Revealed Soon to the Public and that these Decision are Better For the Public Interest.

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