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Why Should You Apply for Student Exchange Program? | Benefits of International Exchange Program


When we talk about Student Exchange Program, the question that come in every mind is “Why Should You Apply for Student Exchange Program?”.

Studying Abroad or doing Foreign Internship will have a Positive Impact on Student’ life. They learnt a lot of new things from the culture of hosting Country. An exchange Program enable a Person to build Person Connection with other Nations that help him in finding new Opportunities Like Jobs i Future.

Although every student’s path is different, the fundamentals of how being a foreign exchange student works remain the same and are very straightforward.

You’ll attend classes, live with a host family abroad, and learn about a new culture. You’ll live with your host family as if you were one of the family, and you’ll travel on trips, explore the nation and the local culture, take part in school activities, meet new people, and more! With your host family, you’ll receive a first-hand look at your new culture.

In the same way that you do at your home school, you will be able to select which extracurricular activities to take part in. This is a fantastic chance to engage in something novel or continue with a favorite hobby.

What is Student Exhange Program?

Student Exchange Program is a type of Program in which any Student go to a foreign Country, live there for One Semester. During whole time, they Study and Live with Students of Host Country. They Exchange their ideas, Culture with each other.

Why Should You Apply for Student Exchange Program?

Every Student should apply for Semester Exchange Program at least once time during their Study because of following Points.

  • You’ll experience a completely new way of life. It will widen Your thinking. You will meet People of another Culture and will Learn a lot of new things from them.
  • Studying abroad will expand your employment opportunities. During Exchange, you will develop new connection with People that will you in future.
  • Studying Abroad will give you a chance to experience different teaching method. You will find out what type of learning works best for you.
  • Studying in different Environment, Culture and languages will improve your communication skills, enhance your Personality.
  • Travelling Abroad will become easy for you because you had built a good Travelling history during Exchange Program.
  • You will become Official Ambassador of that Exchange Program after Completing Exchange Program. Which means that you are now Professional Member of International Organization.

Who is Eligible for Student Exchange Program?

  • Any Student Studying in well Recognized Institute can Apply for Student Exchange Program.
  • You must be bright and Sharp Student. Your academic records are good.
  • If you work in any welfare Organization, it will enhance your chance of Selection.
  • You should have a good Communication Skills.
  • You must fulfil all requirements of host Country and host Organization.

Selecting a Good Exchange Program

After taking a decision to participate in Student Exchange, first step is Find best Exchange Program. Selecting of Exchange Program will depend on Various factors such as


Language is basic element to communicate with other people. If you do not understand a language, it will hard communicate with others and live in such Culture.

When applying for Studying Abroad, you must be familiar with language of host country. At least, You have command over language to such a level that you do not face any barrier in daily life.

The Weather

It is very too hard to adjust yourself in different Environment. If you are sensitive Person, you may become ill when you change your Environment and weather suddenly.

So, it is better to check first that whether your body will adjust in that weather Condition. And you will not face any medical issue or risk.

Cost of Living

There are different Study Exchange Program, some are Partially Funded or fully funded but some are not funded by any Organization. In the First two types, you need not to worry so much because most of expense will be covered by host organization.

In third type of Exchange Program, you have to bear program funding, traveling, living, and leisure in the Semester Exchange Program by yourself.

Keeping in mind, you must ask yourself First, how much money are you willing to spend?

Types of Exchange Program

  • Short-Term Exchange Program:-
    • Also Called Culture Exchange or Summer Exchange Program
    • These Programs focus on homestays, language skills, community service, or cultural activities.
  • Long-Term Exchange Program:-
    • In this Program, Student Spend a Semester or one year in host university. It is also educational Semester Exchange Program.
  • Some best Foreign Student Exchange Programs are
    • Erasmus Student Mobility Program.
    • IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program.
    • Shanghai Jiao Tong University Scholarship.
    • Global Undergraduate Exchange Program.
    • INTERPOL Internships Program.

How to Apply for Student Semester Exchange Program 2022

After Selecting an exchange Program, next step is to Apply for that Semester Exchange Program

  • Check the Eligibility criteria to apply that Program. Every Program has different Selection Criteria.
  • Get ready your all-Necessary documents required to apply for Program which include
    • Your Detailed CV
    • Educational Certificate
    • Language Proficiency Certificate
    • Yours travelling Passport
  • Then simply follow the applying Procedure for Exchange Program, some organization accept Online application. While other Programs accept offline Application through their Embassy.
  • After Shortlisting candidates, the organization will call you Selection Interview.
  • After Passing Selection Interview, you will grant Student Exchange Visa.


You should not take decision to Participate in Foreign Student Program lightly. You must Kept in mind why you are applying this exchange Program and its Pros & Cons. You must answer this question making your final decision.

  • What is it that draws you to studying and living in a foreign country?
  • Is your draw to be a foreign exchange student stronger than the hardships you may face along the way?

In the end, we wish you best of luck and hope that our small guide will help in making final decision easier for you. If you have any question, lets us know in the Comment Section.

Questions that come in Every Student ‘mind

What should I know before going into an exchange program?

Before applying For Foreign Student Program, you should consider following things
1- Do a Complete Research about the Host Country and Organization
2-Find whether Program is Funding or not at all
3- Prepare all documents in advance before Applying
4-You must be Familiar with language Spoken in that Country.

What is the best age to be an exchange student?

There is no restriction on age to apply for student exchange program. You can apply for Foreign Program whether you are in School, College or University.
However, student’ age should be above 13-14 years to be consider to Exchange Program.

What is the best country to be a foreign exchange student in?

Following Countries are Top Countries to consider when applying for Semester Exchange Program
6-United Kingdom
12 Argentina

Is an exchange semester worth it?

Student Exchange Program will open a lot of Opportunities for you such as
1- Make Connection all around Work
2- Study Abroad
3- Chance to get hire by International Organization
4- Gain skills for their future jobs.

What are the disadvantages of being an exchange student?

There are few drawbacks of being an Exchange Student are Following
1-Cost of living. (If Program is not Funded)
2-Language/Communication barrier with local
3-Developing yourself to the new culture.
4-Recognition of your degree by other countries.
5-Reverse culture shock

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