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FPSC Rejected 2500+ Applicants for CSS Exam 2022


Federal Public Service Commission has Issued the List of Rejected Candidates due to Various reasons. More than 2500+ Applicants out of 33000 Candidates are Found Ineligible For Giving FPSC CSS Exam 2022.

Now All the CSS Aspirants Who has Taken the MCQs based Preliminary Test CSS MPT Test 2022 are Now Waiting For whether they are Eligible or not. Their Wait is Now Over because FPSC issued the List of Ineligible Candidates who can not give the FPSC CSS Exam 2022.

All the CSS Candidates who have Given the Civil Services MPT Exam 2022 must See the Following to check Whether they are Eligible or Not.

The CSS Examination 2022 will be held on May 12th, 2022 by the FPSC. The 1st Paper, according to the CSS-issued date sheet, will take place on May 12, 2022.

If any candidates discover an inaccuracy in the list of rejected candidates or the reasons offered, they can submit/file a representation with valid proof.

Detail About FPSC Rejected Candidates List 2022

According to the Statistics Shared by the FPSC About Civil Services Exam 2022

  • More than 33000 Applicant have Appeared in the CSS MPT Exam 2022 Held on 20th Feb 2022.
  • Federal Public Service Commission FPSC has Rejected 2500 Applicants due to Various Reason.
  • FPSC Islamabad has Provided Following Reasons For Rejection
    • Category –A: Hard copy of online application received without original Treasury Receipt of Rs.2200/- in terms of Rule 11 (10) & (11) of CE Rules 2019. (647 Candidates)
    • Category –B: Hard copy of online application received after due date (i.e. 28.03.2022) in terms of Rule 11 (3) of CE Rules 2019 (73 Candidates)
    • Category –C: Applied online but hard copy/printout of online application form alongwith documents & treasury receipt not received in terms of Rule 11 (3), (4) & (11) of CE Rules 2019. (1624 Applicant)
    • Category –D: Applied online but instead of submitting hard copy/print out of online application form, submitted printout of profile or submitted wrong application form or incomplete hardcopy or submitted only documents in terms of Rule 11 (3) & (4) of CE Rules 2019.(26 Applicant)
    • Category –F: Over age / under age in terms of Rule 6 of CE Rules 2019. (05 Applicant)
    • Category –H: Not applied online in terms of Rule 11 (1) & (3) of CE Rules 2019 but submitted wrong application form/ manual application form /application on plain paper / only documents /print of profile pages of online application.
    • In addition to above, following 03 are those candidates who have not qualified MPT but submitted manual applications/ documents for written part of CSS CE-2022. Thus, they are not eligible to appear in written CSS Exam in term of Rule 11 (1A) of CE Rules 2019 (reproduced below):
Category Rejected Candidates
Category A647
Category B73
Category C1624
Category D26
Category F05
Category H40
Not Appeared in MPT 03

Instruction For FPSC Rejected Candidates List 2022

In its Official Notification issued For Rejected Candidates , FPSC has Issued Following Instructions to All Canididates.

  • Any candidate, aggrieved with the decision of the Commission can file representation with solid grounds within 30 days of this notice in terms of Rule 17 (1) of CSS CE Rules and section 7 (3) of FPSC ordinance, 1977.
  • Representation must be accompanied with a treasury receipt of Rs. 500/- deposited within given time. Those who file representation will be provided an opportunity of personal hearing before the Commission for redressal of grievances, after conduct of CSS written exam 2022.
  • After conduct of exam, the Commission shall decide the representation strictly in accordance with CSS CE Rules and no deviation can be made.
  • Your candidature has been REJECTED for the ground(s) conveyed separately to you. However, while you have the opportunity of representation against rejection in terms of Section 7(3) of FPSC ordinance read with Rule 17 of CE Rules, 2019, as and if availed, you may appear in examination at YOUR OWN RISK. However, FPSC reserves the right to withhold your result in the light of Rule 16 (6) of CSS Competitive Examination Rules, 2019 till you are declared eligible in terms of CE Rules ibid, as a result of representation against rejection as and if availed by you. The rejection of your representation shall result in consumption of your chance in terms of Rule 11 (16) of CE Rules ibid.
  • You are advised to read CE Rules carefully as your representation will be decided strictly in accordance with these Rules.

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