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Ultimate Guide to the Colombia Digital Nomad Visa


In today’s connected world, the idea of combining vacation with business has become extremely popular. Many people want to live as digital nomads and combine their careers with travel. The Colombia Digital Nomad Visa 2023 has been introduced by Colombia, a nation renowned for its beautiful landscapes and rich culture, allowing distant workers to enjoy the dynamic Colombian way of life. We will cover every facet of the visa in this in-depth guide, from application procedures to frequently asked questions, to help you get started as a digital nomad in Colombia.

Understanding the Colombia Digital Nomad Visa

The Colombian Digital Nomad Visa is made to make it easier for remote workers to enter the nation. With this visa, you are permitted to work in Colombia for up to a year without having to be physically present in your home country. This enables you to fulfill your professional obligations while taking in Colombia’s natural beauty and rich culture.

Why Choose Colombia as Your Digital Nomad Destination?

  1. Diverse Landscapes: Colombia provides a variety of breathtaking places to work in and enjoy, from lush highlands to tropical beaches.
  2. Affordability: Digital nomads can have a high-quality lifestyle without breaking the budget thanks to a favorable cost of living.
  3. Rich Culture: Experience the vivid festivals, artwork, music, and customs that celebrate Colombia’s distinctive history.
  4. Warm Climate: Various places offer good weather all year long while accommodating different tastes.
  5. Gastronomic Delights: Enjoy a delight for your taste buds by indulging in a variety of foods, including local delicacies and exotic fruits.
  6. Friendly Locals: Colombians are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality, which fosters a welcome environment for visitors.
  7. Growing Tech Scene: Major cities like Medelln are developing into IT hubs, offering plenty of opportunities for business networking.
  8. Adventure Activities: During their visit, thrill-seekers can engage in activities like trekking, surfing, and exploring the Amazon rainforest.
  9. Language Learning:Improve your Spanish skills while interacting with locals, enhancing both your personal and professional growth.
  10. Cultural Immersion: Colombia’s diverse regions allow you to engage in various local customs, offering a well-rounded experience.

Eligibility Criteria for Colombia Digital Nomad Visa:

To apply for the Colombia Digital Nomad Visa, you need to meet certain eligibility criteria

  1. Remote Work: Your work must be conducted remotely, without requiring a physical presence in Colombia.
  2. Proof of Income: You need to demonstrate a stable income that can support your stay in Colombia.If you are earning $684 per month. You are eligible and passed the Nomad Income requirement for the Colombia Digital Nomad Visa.
  3. Health Insurance: You must have valid health insurance coverage for the duration of your stay in the country.
  4. Intent to Leave: You should provide proof of intent to leave Colombia after the visa expires.

Documents Required for Colombia Digital Nomad Visa:

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Visa Application Form
  3. Passport-Sized Photos
  4. Proof of Income
  5. Work Description
  6. Health Insurance
  7. Proof of Accommodation
  8. Flight Itinerary
  9. Criminal Background Check (if applicable)
  10. Visa Application Fee
  11. Travel Itinerary
  12. Bank Statements
  13. Intent to Leave Colombia
  14. Health Statement (if applicable)
  15. Other Supporting Documents (if applicable)

Application Process: Step-by-Step Guide For Colombia Digital Nomad Visa

  1. Research and Preparation: Start by understanding the visa requirements and gathering the necessary documents.
  2. Online Application: Fill out the online application form accurately and provide all required information.
  3. Document Submission: Upload the supporting documents, including your passport, proof of income, and health insurance.
  4. Payment of Fees: Pay the visa application fee as per the guidelines provided.
  5. Application Review: Your application will be reviewed by the Colombian authorities. This process may take a few weeks.
  6. Visa Approval: Upon approval, you will receive a digital visa, which you can print and carry with you.
  7. Arrival in Colombia: Enter Colombia within the stipulated time frame, as indicated on your visa.

Cost Breakdown of Colombia Digital Freelancer Visa

Cost ComponentApproximate Amount (USD)
Visa Application Fee$250 – $300
Health Insurance$100 – $150 per month
Criminal Record Check$20 – $50
Visa Extension Fee (if needed)$200 – $250
Miscellaneous Expenses$50 – $100
Total Estimated Cost$620 – $850

Cost of Living in Different Colombian Cities

The cost of living in Colombia varies from city to city. While Bogotá may have higher living costs, cities like Medellín and Cali offer a more budget-friendly lifestyle. Researching and comparing costs beforehand can help you plan your stay more effectively.

Best Time to Visit Colombia as a Digital Nomad:

Colombia’s climate varies due to its diverse geography. The dry season, from December to March, is generally considered the best time to visit. However, regions like Medellín have pleasant weather year-round, making them great options for digital nomads seeking consistent climates.

Safety Tips for Digital Nomads in Colombia:

  1. Research: Understand the safety situation in the specific areas you plan to visit and work in.
  2. Stay Informed: Keep up with local news and advisories to be aware of any potential risks.
  3. Blend In: Dress like the locals to avoid unnecessary attention.
  4. Avoid Flashy Displays: Keep valuable items discreet and avoid displaying expensive gadgets.
  5. Use Reputable Accommodation: Choose well-reviewed accommodations in safe neighborhoods.
  6. Travel During the Day: Whenever possible, travel during daylight hours, especially in unfamiliar areas.
  7. Trust Your Instincts: If a situation feels uncomfortable, leave or seek help.
  8. Local Advice: Seek advice from locals or fellow nomads about safe places and practices.

Tips for Overcoming Language Barriers:

  1. Learn Basic Phrases: Familiarize yourself with common greetings, questions, and expressions in the local language.
  2. Use Translation Apps: Utilize translation apps to facilitate communication in everyday situations.
  3. Carry a Phrasebook: Have a small phrasebook handy for quick reference.
  4. Non-Verbal Communication: Gestures and body language can bridge language gaps effectively.
  5. Use Visual Aids: Pointing to pictures or using drawings can help convey your message.
  6. Smile and Be Patient: Approach interactions with a friendly attitude and be patient when trying to communicate.

Finding Accommodation as a Digital Nomad in Colombia:

  1. Online Platforms: Utilize websites like Airbnb,, and Expedia to search for a variety of accommodation options.
  2. Neighborhood Research: Identify neighborhoods that align with your preferences and work requirements.
  3. Read Reviews: Prioritize accommodations with positive reviews from fellow travelers for reliability.
  4. Contact Hosts: Reach out to hosts to clarify details and ensure they offer suitable amenities.
  5. Consider Short-Term Rentals: Look for furnished apartments or studios that cater to short stays.
  6. Coliving Spaces: Explore coliving spaces for a ready-made community of digital nomads.
  7. Local Connections: Engage with local expat or nomad groups for firsthand recommendations.
  8. Book Flexibly: Begin with a shorter booking to evaluate compatibility before committing long-term.
  9. On-Site Inspection: If possible, visit beforehand to evaluate accommodation in person.
  10. Negotiate Rates: Inquire about discounts, especially for extended stays, and negotiate with property owners.

Cost of Living in Colombia (Monthly Estimate):

ExpenseCost (USD)
Accommodation$300 – $800
Food$150 – $300
Transportation$50 – $100
Entertainment$50 – $150
Co-working Space$100 – $200
Health Insurance$50 – $100
Miscellaneous$100 – $200
Total (Approximate)$800 – $1850

Please note that these figures are approximate and can vary based on your location within Colombia, personal spending habits, and lifestyle choices.

Can I work for a Colombian company with the Digital Nomad Visa?

The Digital Nomad Visa is designed for remote work that doesn’t involve a physical presence in Colombia. Working for a Colombian company with this visa may have legal implications, so it’s best to clarify this with legal experts.

Can I bring my family with me on the Digital Nomad Visa?

The Digital Nomad Visa is typically issued to individuals, so bringing your family members might require a separate visa application process. Check with the Colombian consulate for family visa options.

Is health insurance mandatory even if I already have travel insurance?

Yes, health insurance is a specific requirement for the Digital Nomad Visa. While travel insurance might cover some aspects, the visa mandates health insurance that provides comprehensive coverage during your stay in Colombia.

Can I work for a Colombian company with this visa?

No, the visa is specifically for remote work for foreign employers or clients.

Can I apply for permanent residency afterward?

While the Colombia Digital Nomad Visa doesn’t directly lead to permanent residency, it can be a stepping stone towards other types of visas.

What cities are popular among digital nomads in Colombia?

Cities like Medellín, Bogotá, and Cartagena are favored by digital nomads due to their amenities and vibrant communities.

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